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All parents are welcome to come into school and discuss any concerns or worries that they may have regarding their children as they arise. The best time for this is after school, or if only a quick word is required you will find staff in their classroom by 8.50 a.m.

Parents are given an opportunity to attend Parent evenings twice a year to discuss their children’s progress in confidence they are in the Autumn and Summer term. We hope that all parents will attend these meetings.

During the year parents will be made aware of any problems or strengths children have.
Children are continually assessed throughout the year and recorded in Target Tracker.
Children in Year 2 and Year 6 take part in Standard Assessment Tests (S.A.T.S)

It is important than school as a contact number for parents during school hours. Please can you provide an alternative address or telephone number to be used in an emergency. The name of your family doctor is also of use under certain circumstances.

A contact detail form is sent out at the beginning of the year for parents to complete and return to school. We are aware that many parents now have mobile telephones and it would be helpful if you could leave your telephone switched on during the day if we need to contact you. Also, if you change your contact details can you please let the office staff know.

If your child has Asthma please make sure that they have their inhaler in school every day.

If it is necessary for your child to be given antibiotics during school time, parents must sign a consent form to allow staff to administer it.

If your child is absent from school can you please inform school before 9.30 a.m.

Pastoral Care
There are many factors that can affect a child’s progress and performance at school. St. Bridget’s is a small, closely knit community and we have an excellent knowledge of our pupil’s physical, social and emotional development as well as their academic progress.
If any problems do arise they can usually be dealt with by the class teacher, however if this is not the case parents will be contacted to discuss the problem to find a resolution. Also if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to come into school and the staff will be happy to speak to you.

St. Bridget’s staff and governors are committed to the development of good practice and sound procedures to ensure all safeguarding children concerns are handled in a professional and sensitive manner in accordance with the latest guidance and legislation.
Any issues will be dealt with by our designated safeguarding officer, Mrs Highton, or Mrs Tracy Poynton



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