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Development Plan 2013 - 2016

Involve the children in school and community based projects
Develop School links.
Develop projects to raise awareness of environmental issues and achieve Eco School Status
To give all children the opportunity to succeed.
To give pupils a Global Perspective.
Achieve International Schools Award

Ensure all safeguarding procedures are compliant with current DFSE legislation and guidance
Use the curriculum to enable pupils to know and understand choices for a healthy lifestyle.
Monitor attendance, implement strategies for improvement.

Maintain Heads teaching commitment to 0.5
Develop rigorous performance management to maintain 'Outstanding' teaching and learning.
Maintain and develop the level and quality and expertise of Teaching Assistants.
To ensure all staff have access to the training they need to support the school and their individual needs.
To allow staff time needed to develop and focus upon their particular areas of responsibility in order to ensure the best possible outcomes for all the children across the whole curriculum.

Introduce new National Curriculum
Develop I.C.T College links
Develop Science/Outdoor learning
Using and applying mathematics
Targets/App pupil involvement
Continue to develop an enlivened and creative curriculum.
Sports Funding

Develop a programme of monitoring visits.
Improve knowledge and understanding of evaluating performance data.
New Who's who, staff, governors gallery.
Revamp logo and signage
Monitor Action plans. OFSTED. SIAS, Finance, Health & Safety, Special Needs.
Head's Performance Management.
Review Performance Management Policy.
Maintain Teaching Staff.
Develop Higher Level Teaching Assistants.

Develop land for a stimulating outdoor learning environment.
Outdoor classroom.
Library refurbishment
Programme of re-decoration/Furniture
Foundation Stage Entrance


Put in place all recommendations of Financial and Health & Safety Audit.
Transfer attendance to SIMS
Monitor Attendance
Closely monitor Budget
Monitor School Meals.
Maintain School Website

Value and develop links with the Church.
Look at ways of net working with other schools
Workshops to involve parents and carers in children's learnng.
Develop links with Youth Club
Develop Parton Parent Teachers Association
To maintain schools profile with Open Days, Publicity etc.


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